Ali Riaz MalikĀ 

Ali Riaz Malik

Get Personal Details And Achievement of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a famous and top leading entrepreneur in Pakistan. He is CEO of the Bahria town and also the most prominent real estate developer in Pakistan. Even though he is a familiar real estate person and he becomes the son to the Real estate mogula Malik Riaz who is founded in the Bahria Town. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the seventh richest man in Pakistan.

She was born in the years 1978 at the place of the Rawalpindi. From starting itself, he is much interested in the part of the real estate business from the children ages itself. It is considered as the main reason that he feels those high rise buildings and other countries. He wants to bring such substantial rise buildings and many more projects to this own country. Ali Riaz Malik started his schooling in the years 1999 and also joins with her father’s real estate business. He worked hard and brings out a critical town business, which is grater look in the process. This new town considers as the largest real estate development firms which give a hand for the customer to get a best and effective result at all time.

When it comes to the professional career of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, he earned many good things in their life, and he works harder and completes the process in an excellent manner. He started working as a procurement manager on the part of the sales department. Later he becomes project manager in the year 2005 to the different important project of Bahria town in the country. It is due to the hard-working and right dedication of the Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He fails to stop there itself and work hard to make their Bahria town much taller and offer great support at all every time.

He is the proud son of Mali Riaz and gets excellent success in the part of the family business. He got married in the year 2003; his wife’s name is Mubashra Ali Malik, who came to know wealthy family sugar owners in the country, and she was born in 1983. On getting married, she controlled everyday Bahria town philanthropic activities. This list was too more extensive and also essential events that become more famous. In this town, he served a free meal for the people within their country.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik acts as an essential person in the project of this town much time. Apart from that, he is CEO of the Firm and well-controlled of the most significant project below the Bahrain town flagship in. Pakistan’s first-ever island city is one of the projects that can be finalized after the excellent agreement with the different development and other new construction of the various islands in the town of Karachi. He maintained the city as unique and also provided the best support for the people to stay with the presence of all modern features at all times.

At present, the Bahria town is currently taking care of the huge project such as bin Alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bahria town Rawalpindi, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Lahore. With the help of this project, then people can go with the best ideas to construct the third-largest Masjid in Pakistan in the city of Karachi. It is one of the sports cities and also called as the paradise prescient. Hence it can be marked as a great achievement in the part of Pakistan and doing a great job in the process.