Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz Hussain: The Face of Development in Pakistan

It’s not possible that you live in Pakistan and you haven’t heard the name of Malik Riaz Hussain. He is one of the eminent persons who always stands for humanity and charity. Also, he is regarded as the face of the development in Pakistan. Malik Riaz Hussain is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who is in the top elite list of Pakistan. He is engaged in charity and welfare, and he has started to reform Pakistan in a new way as well. The former founder of Bahria Town is already successful in achieving half of his targeted planning and objectives. Malik Riaz Hussain and his son Ali Malik Riaz are the two persons behind the fast-progressing development in the last few years.

His activities and contributions are expanded in various fields. His important contributions and steps towards the welfare of Pakistan can never be forgotten. He has taken the construction of Pakistan to another height. He is highly respected, and he is also rewarded with the love of the people as well. Malik Riaz Hussain is an idol in Pakistan right now for his charitable workshops and his contributions to vivid fields.

His organization has started the initiative to provide free food and medical treatments and services among a large number of people in Pakistan. Pakistan has been a third world country to date, and uncountable people of Pakistan don’t have proper shelter. Those people starve almost every day, and they are not even able to get treatment when they are sick. Malik Riaz Hussain and his organization came forward to help these distressed people. His organization has taken the initiative to provide free food to lakhs of people every day. Being the founder of the organization, he decided to provide free medical treatments and services to the helpless people as well.

He founded the Bahria Town. Bahria Town is behind several important and developing projects across Pakistan. The field of constructions and architecture has stepped into the next level in Pakistan through the initiative of Bahria Town. Currently, this organization is handling various high-budget and important projects across the country. Malik Riaz Hussain is setting an ideal example through his work for his future generations.

One of the greatest initiatives of his organization is the Karachi International Hospital. This is right now the biggest hospital and healthcare organization across the whole country. The International Hospital has managed to attract the attention of the whole world because of its services and infrastructures. This is one of the finest hospitals in Pakistan with the constant support of high-qualified doctors and trained staff and nurses. This hospital provides all types of medical support to lakhs of people every day. The most attractive thing about this hospital is, it has the facility of free treatment for poor people. People from every class can’t afford the cost of the treatment all the time. Many people from lower classes die due to a lack of medical support and emergency care. These kinds of people are getting proper treatment and care in this hospital for free. The patients are getting the best possible medical attention in this hospital, and this is a noticeable advancement in the medical field in Pakistan.

The International Hospital in Bahria Town has relieved several patients and their families. People of the surrounding areas were suffering due to the absence of a good hospital there. Once Malik Riaz Hussain himself had to struggle while raising funds for the treatment of his daughter. He didn’t receive enough help and support, and he was unable to get the essential medical care for his daughter. Now, Hussain is the 7th richest person in the whole country. Therefore, he has brought a massive change in the medical field in Pakistan. He has strengthened the current medical infrastructure with all advanced technologies and equipment. He has taken up the medical system to the best level in Pakistan. He has ensured that no one has to suffer due to a lack of treatment as he had to. His initiative and work have benefited uncountable people across the country.

The people are curing severe diseases and getting the best treatments now in Pakistan.

Malik Riaz Hussain is involved in many more charitable and philanthropic activities. He has worked for children’s welfare and children’s education. He has taken the initiative to spread education across the whole country. It’s not needed to mention that he developed the construction and architecture into a high level in Pakistan. He believes firmly in God. According to his views, 70% of his donations and charities will come back to him as a gift of God.

This incredible person is the face of development and progress in Pakistan. In spite of being the 7th richest person, he is down to earth and humble. He is dedicated to the development process of Pakistan. He is a living example for the next generations.