Hair Transplant

Is the process of hair restoration. It is the demand of the nowadays. No doubt in Lahore it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It is obtaining by people in Lahore. If you are losing almost a hundred hair strands in a day. Then it is normal. But if you are losing more than that. Then you shouldn’t wait anymore and get the right treatment immediately. Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid is one of the well-known plastic surgeons in Pakistan. So if you are searching for the best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore. Then you should get his assistance.

For many years he is providing outstanding services of hair transplantation. He deals with the latest techniques in the field of hair loss treatment and cosmetic surgery. Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss method. It is also affecting the wide range of people nowadays. The loss of hair by predominated genetic characteristics links to responsive sclap follicles. You may lose your hair as a result of traumatic event. You also lose hair by a psychiatric disorder, stress or high fever. Envoimental factors, hormonal imbalance, anemia and fungal infection also the main cause of it. Therefore we classify hair fall according to Norwood classification. It ranges from stage 1-7.

Evaluation Of Patient For Hair Transplant In Lahore

For hair transplant, the patient needs to visit our Surgical clinic for an exact diagnosis. During the initial consultation, our expert surgeon evaluates the scalp of the patient. He also checks the condition of the scalp. He also checks the severity of hair loss. In addition to this, he keeps the age, eating habits, level of stress, and other aspects of the consideration. After that, a hairline draws to reveal how many hair grafts the patient requires. That is to say, evaluation is important to provide realistic information to the patient. On the other hand, history is another important aspect. It may help the surgeon to make any valuable decision. A surgeon discusses the nature of hair loss, hair pattern and predicting hair loss during the process of evaluation. The techniques of the procedure, expected complications, and recovery process also discuss in detail. Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid is working passionately for this procedure. He also provides you with natural-looking results.

Hair Transplant Procedure/ Technique

Different types of techniques are available for the procedure of hair transplant in Lahore. They include medication, non-surgical, and surgical procedures. However, it is the most preferred option. It provides you with long-lasting results. So the patient doesn’t need to be worried about it. Further hair restoration can do by using FUE, FUT and robotic. Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant techniques are also used in it. Local anesthesia administers to start the procedure. A small punching graft also uses to punch the grafts carefully. It is also used from the donor area and insert them in the recipient area. Certainly 7 to 8 hours required to complete the procedure.

Post Operative Care And Recovery

The patient needs to follow post-operative instructions very carefully. It assists him to recover quickly. For recovery Painkillers and antibiotics are provided to get relief from pain. Instructions regarding scalp cleaning and washing your head are provided. As a whole, almost 9-12 months are required to get the final results.

Hair Transplant Advantages

The procedure of hair transplant in Lahore at hair club comes with a number of advantages. FUT allows the patient to get more grafts done in a single session. Whereas the FUE technique allows fast recovery with fewer scars. It will provide the best results in less time period for FUE transplant in Lahore.

Hair Transplant Complication

In Hair Transplant procedure

  1. swelling
  2. bruising
  3. Hematoma
  4. Infection
  5. Cyst formation
  6. Scaring
  7. Unsatisfactory

results are some complications that can arise during the procedure. By following the postoperative instruction we can reduce these complications.

Secondary Procedure

PRP is done after to improve the growth. After that Nioxin spray is also used. Multivitamin is advised to the patient.

Areas Can Be Transplanted

  1. Scalp
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Beard area
  4. Mustaches
  5. Sideburns areas

Hair Transplant Cost

In short, the Hair Transplant cost is one of the most concerning aspects. It is one of the most essential questions that every patient asks from the expert plastic surgeon. Hence you need to know about it. Different factors play their role in the calculation of the procedure. These factors include the selected technique to perform the procedure. It includes the expertise of the surgeon, area of the treatment, the number of grafts, and other factors. Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid is a famous and experienced Lahore plastic surgeon. He is serving his FUE Hair Transplant services at a reasonable cost that is Rs: 35 rupees per graft. Our cost may vary from procedure to procedure. So its not mention here. What are you still waiting for? So Go ahead and book your appointment now!