I am extremely grateful to Bahria Liver Transplant team on saving my life with liver transplant.
My Liver was failing with a chronic condition and I was losing hope. My brother stepped forward as a donor and I underwent a successful liver transplant surgery at Bahria Orchard Hospital. Now I am living normal life with my family and enjoying my job.

The mother who donated part of her liver to save the life of her 3-year-old daughter. The child as now fully recovered and the family is planning to send her to school.

Dr. Faisal well known, well proficient and top class hapetic surgeon of Pakistan.
I am really impressed and so much satisfied with his professional knowledge and grip over liver surgery and liver transplantation.
Apart from his professional ability he is a great, and sincere human being who feels your pain and gives his opinion in such a way which gives you releif from your disease.
I never forget his attitude once my mother sitting with wet eyes. Dr saw her and suddenly went and sit in front of her and mollified her.
I am oncology patient since 2017 and required liver resection in 2019. My brother consult Dr Faisal and he was so much convinced and satisfied with his consultation and advised me to travel to Lahore for the surgery.
Upon arrival at Bahria Orchard Hospital they review again my case and all members of Dr’s team were present at that time. They explained me every thing how would they perform the surgery and what will be the outcome.
My surgery was successfully done and I recovered within the schedule. I am very happy that no tumor signs in my body after the surgery.
All things during my stay was above my expectations and I recommend Dr. Faisal Hanif for those who are suffering from liver disease.

Dr. Faisal did a successful Whipple surgical procedure on my father, which is supposedly a very complex major surgery requiring steady hands, very specialized skills, strong decision making ability and knowledge to deal with complications. In our experience, he is not just a great doctor but a great human and a great professional. He kept us in loop at every moment..he used to explain every situation with logic. Most importantly, he was in touch with us even weeks after the surgery to make sure that his patient is recovering as per the plan. Every doctor refereed us to him for that complex surgery as he is known for these super complex procedures. Families of patients are rarely satisfied with the doctors who do the surgeries. But to our experience, every patient in the hospital had good things to say about him.
To conclude, he is a true professional, great doctor and most importantly he is someone you can trust blindly. 👍👍👍👍👍 one of the best doctors i have come across in Pakistan… 10/10 on patient dealings, skill set, post operative care and patient satisfaction👍👍