I have been diagnosed as end stage renal disease secondary to lupus nephritis. I am extremely grateful to the bahria hospital renal team for excellent management here for haemodialysis.

I have been diagnosed as end stage renal disease at age of 9 years secondary to a hereditary renal disease. I am extremely thankful to Bahria renal team for my successful renal transplant in 2020.

I had PUVs which were undetected till I developed end stage renal disease. Fortunately I am undergoing hemodialysis under Bahria nephrology unit and soon will be ready for renal. transplant. I am extremely grateful to the dedicated nephrology team for their sincere efforts.

I have been miss-managed for nephrotic syndrome leading to development of steroid toxicity signs. Thanks to bahria pediatric nephrology team for treating me properly.

My mother donated her kidney and it has saved my life.

I’m successful renal Transplant patient. Thanks to Bahria Renal Transplant Team.

I rapidly developed renal failure due to a rare form of disease and would not have survived without timely intervention. I had to undergo several sessions of plasma exchange and dialysis which is continuing till date at Bahria Hospital, Lahore.

Women Day Dear mam😍
Today i greet you on the international day of women you think of the way you give your valuable time to miserable human beings:
I have not seen anyone till today that someone is so sympathetic.
I salute your greatness and bravery and this services.
ALLAH Bless u twice a day & keep your family away From all Troubles آمین

I am extremely grateful to Bahria Renal team on saving my life with Hemodialysis as I had an inherited kidney disease. I came here from Saudi Arabia because I had heard of its dedicated nephrology unit I shall soon be ready for a renal transplant.

I had a complex metabolic disorder and I would have not survived. Thanks to Bahria Hospital Renal Team for my timely diagnosis and management

I have CKD but I couldn’t have renal transplant or Haemodialysis so an arrangement for home based dialysis (CAPD) was made for me.

I developed Acute Kidney Injury after loose motions and Peritoneal Dialysis saved my kidneys from permanent damage.

I was diagnosed with Lupus after a kidney biopsy following which I’m being adequately treated at Bahria Hospital.

We were very concerned and afraid when our children suddenly developed swelling. We were told it was because they were losing protein in urine. Thanks to Bahria Orchard Pediatric team, they are finally on the road to recovery.