Pain Clinic

Bahria International Hospital Lahore

Team Members

Dr. Muhammad Jamil Sabit
MBBS, DA, M.Sc (Pain Medicine), FIPP (USA)
Director / Pain Specialist
Bahria International Hospitals

The Department provides services for both the outdoor referrals and the admitted patients.  The Department offers utmost quality in imaging, accuracy in reporting with minimum waiting times.

1st Pakistani Pain Physician with FIPP credential from the World Institute of Pain (USA), Performing FDA approved Pain & Spine Procedures.

Backache & Disc pain | Knee Pain Headaches | Facial Pain | Neck Pain Shoulder Pain | Joints Pain | Cancer Pain Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

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Our aim is to provide the best available expertise and resources to the care and treatment of our patient providing you a number of treatments and surgeries.