Chairman Bahria Malik Riaz appreciates blood bank staff; overseas Pakistanis coming to receive inexpensive treatments from all three Bahria international Hospitals

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority (PBTA) has given an international standard certificate to three blood banks of Bahria International Hospitals in Punjab for their high-quality services.

The Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority monitored all public and private sector blood banks and awarded a special certificate to Bahria International Hospital for its high-quality services. Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain felicitated all the concerned staff, terming the certificate an award for Bahria’s professionalism and commitment. The Bahria International Hospital is providing sophisticated services of dialysis, cardiac interventions, kidney and liver transplantations, reproductive health and orthopedic operations. Eyeing those operations, Bahria International Hospital has initiated its blood bank to timely provide reliable and certified blood of international standard for the patients being operated at the Bahria health facilities. All three blood banks of Bahria International Hospital are providing services of international quality standards in Punjab, which are equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled professionals.

These hospitals are providing quality treatment in the country and saving the need to spend dollars. These hospitals are not only serving Pakistanis but patients from the Middle East, Europe, the USA, and other overseas countries because the treatment cost is inexpensive along with high standards service.