Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a complex of diseases caused by Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). First time discovered by Center for
Disease control and Prevention (CDC) in 1981, initially in USA and spread in the whole world. World AIDS day is is one of the most successful international days
and is globally organized on December 1 every year since 1988. This is 31 st anniversary of World AIDS Day. Today, Bahria International Hospital, Lahore is
organizing this day with support of Dr. Shazia Asim, Vice President of Bahria International Hospitals.
HIV is transmitted by four important ways; transfusion of infected blood & blood components, 2) contaminated syringes used by intravenous drug users 3)
unprotected sex and 4) vertical transmission from infected HIV mother to babies.
It is interesting to mention here that chances of acquiring HIV infection from HIV positive mother to baby is 25-30% which can be reduced to 2% by giving antiretroviral treatment during pregnancy, elective caesarean section and no breast feeding.
74.9 million People have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic, while 32.0 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses.
Currently, 37.9 million people globally are living with HIV. In Pakistan total HIV positive since start of HIV epidemic is 0.165 million. Highest number found in
Sindh province 60,000 followed by Punjab (35,000), KPK (15,000), and Baluchistan (5000).
The purpose of Worlds AIDS Day was to educate people about HIV, how to avoid catching the illness, to reduce the stigma surrounding those who live with HIV
and to promote its theme. This year the theme is very important “communities make the difference”.
Highlights of World AIDS Day 2019 at Bahria International Hospital, Lahore
1. Presentation: Activity was chaired by Dr. Ahad Qayyum, Medical Director and acting Vice President at Bahria Town and Brig. (R) Dr. Khadim Hussain Senior Hospital Administrator Bahria Orchard. The presentation was made by Dr. Syed Zahid Bukhari Consultant Microbiologist and Infection
Control. All hospital staff was invited as the presentation was bilingual (English and Urdu).
2. Booth Exhibition: Education material displayed were, possible modes of transmission, high risk communities for HIV and preventive measures.
3. Inverted “V” Ribbon: All participants were provided inverted “V” ribbon, a symbol of World AIDS Day participation.
4. Stage show: Stage show explaining HIV is not transmitted by shaking hands, hugging, eating with HIV patient, no discrimination between HIV and other patients.
5. Unit Round: To involve in participation who were unable to attend the presentation.
6. Free HIV Testing: during World AIDS Day, HIV testing was free for any participant.

Good things on HIV/AIDS @ Bahria International Hospital

1.Prevention done at Bahria International Hospital, Lahore Bahria International Hospital;
2. 100% screening of blood and blood components before transfusion.
3. 100% staff screening for HIV
4. Excellent program on needles and other sharp disposal policies,
5. Excellent medical waste program to get 0% chance of recycling of medical waste.
6. Excellent policy for provision of antiretroviral treatment within 2 hours to any staff who is pricked by HIV+/AIDS.