Team Members

Dr. Iqbal Javed Khan

Consultant Audiologist & Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Dr. Nadeem Mukhtar

MBBS, MSC(Audiological Medicine)
Consultant Audiologist & Cochlear Implant Specialist

Bahria International Hospital Lahore has started cochlear Implants on welfare based in 2012.We have successfully implanted 580 deaf children (children with profound hearing loss). We are not just providing the implants but also providing the world class AVT/speech therapy for the children with CI (Cochlear Implants). We are providing regular speech session for two years to every child, once or twice sessions every week on the basis of a child’s needs.

AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy)/Speech Therapy for Cochlear Implanted Children:

It is one of the most modern and world recognized way to teach the children, how to speak. It’s different from convention speech therapy focusing only on speech production.AVT is a parental approach in which we guide and teach parents, how to work with the child and develop their auditory skills. Staff is trained by the world renowned PhD most respected Dr. Ulrika Lofkvist.

Guide Lines for Parents:

  • Early diagnosis of hearing loss in newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children, followed by immediate audio logic management and Auditory-Verbal Therapy.
  • Recommend immediate assessment and use of appropriate, state-of-the-art hearing technology to obtain maximum benefits of auditory stimulation.
  • Guide and coach parents to help their child use hearing as the primary sensory modality in developing spoken language;
  • Parents should become the primary facilitators of their child’s listening and spoken language development through active consistent participation in individualized Auditory-Verbal Therapy.
  • Parents should create environments that support listening for the acquisition of spoken language throughout the child’s daily activities.
  • Parents should help their child integrate listening and spoken language into all aspects of the child’s life.
  • Parents should use natural developmental patterns of audition, speech, language, cognition, and communication.
  • Parents should consult the professionals to help their child self-monitor spoken language through listening.
  • Parents should consult the professionals for ongoing formal and informal diagnostic assessments to develop individualized Auditory-Verbal treatment plans, to monitor progress, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans for the child and family.
  • Parents should promote education in regular school with peers who have typical hearing and with appropriate services from early childhood onwards.
  • Best age to get a cochlear implant is less than 3 years of age. It helps a lot to get maximum benefit from the implant in the development of auditory skills and followed by speech.
  • After the age of 5 years, it gets really hard to develop auditory and speech skills.


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