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Team Members

Assist. Prof. Dr. Farooq Ahmed

MBBS,FCPS Ophthalmology
Fellow (R) VitreoRetina
Consultant Eye Surgeon

One of the approved centre for corneal transplant from “Punjab human Organ transplant Authority (PHOTA)” . Our team of eye surgeons are internationally trained and state of the art transplant centre provides treatment to potentially blind patients with corneal Opacities and other sight threatening corneal disorders. other services in Ophthalmology department are 24/7 emergency cover, well equipped laser centre, Diagnostic Ophthalmology unit and all types of ocular surgeries i.e. cataract, squint, DCR, ocular tumour surgery.

Best Services in Department

  • Diagnostic Ophthalmology
  • Ocular Surgeries i.e. Cataract, Squint, DCR
  • Ocular Tumour Surgery

Corneal Transplant Centre

Our corneal transplant centre is the best transplant centre in Pakistan. It is build on international standards and is approved by Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority(PHOTA). We have team of internationally trained surgeons, who are giving excellent results.

OPD Services

24 hour coverage of ocular trauma and injuries, Super specialty trained Eye surgeons provide consultation on wide range of eye disorders. Screening of congenital eye disorders, Diabetic eye disease, Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, Ptosis NLD block, Occular Tumours, Uvietis clinic, Refractive errors in children and Retinal Disorders.


We have Argon laser and YAG laser facities available in our hospital.

Success Story

Till now more than 500 eye surgeries have been performed with 100 % success rate in our hospital from march 2017, when we start eye department. Surgeries include. Corneal Transplant surgeries, Phaco, DCR, Ptosis correction, Retinal Detachment, Corneal Tear Repair, Cosmetic Eye Surgeries, Ocular Tumours, and Squint correction.


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Corneal Implants
Success Rate Corneal Surgeries 100%
Infection Rate 0%


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