Team Members

Dr. Muhammad Asim Rana

Consultant Physician HEAD of MICU

Dr. Zahid Hussain Hamdani (Gastrologist)

MBBS(KE), FCPS(Medicine), MD (Gastroenterology)
Consultant Physician & Gastroenterologist

Dr. Mubashar Hashmi

Consultant Physician

Dr. Muhammad Asaad Alamgir

Consultant Internal Medicine

The department provides latest diagnostic and therapeutic facilities in the city. Medical ICU contains 8 beds with latest ventilators. Department provides Bronchoscopy and Pleurodesis facilities as well. Thoracic surgery is supported & Spirometery (PFT’s) is also available.
Bahria International Hospital LHR has one of the most technologically advanced intensive Care Unit in the region and it offers multidisciplinary health approach resulting in an effective continuum of care. The department of critical care services consists of fully equiped seperate medical and surgical ICU which provides 24/7 comprehensive and continuous care of critically ill patients. Both the ICU are graded and can provide level 3 intensive care services. Modern ventilator, known invasive Bipap machines and latest invasive monitory machines. The department is fully supported by other specialities e.g., neurology, nephrology, general orthopedic surgery, gestro enterology. There are latest CRRT machines available in ICU. We run regular teaching courses to keep our staff fully abrest with recent medical advances.
Our Intensivist work closely with our highly trained team of critical care Medical Officers, Residents, Respiratory therapists, Nurses in order to manage each patient’s plan with best care from the time they enter in the intensive care unit (ICU).s As ICU patients are critically ill, the ICU care team is extremely sensitive to the special needs of patients and their families at this difficult time.
All our Medical staff working in ICU has basic life support certification. While Consultants, Medical Officers, Residents, Respiratory therapists and Nurses are certified in Advance cardiac life support (ACLS). CME activities are part of our routine. Our Nursing staff are highly trained according to international standards. The Nursing Manager of ICU ensure protocols are properly followed.

Procedure & Services Available

  • Multipurpose invasive & non- invasive cardiac monitors
  • Intravenous Pumps
  • Central monitor that continuously assess a patient’s progress
  • Defibrillators
  • Functional ventilators
  • ABGs machine
  • N.I.P.P.V
  • Percussive Nebulizers
  • Temporary & Permanent Pacemaker facilities
  • Feeding Tubes
  • CVP lines and full C.P.R facilities
  • Chest Tubes
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Tracheostomy
  • Intra aortic balloon pump insertion
  • CRRT (Haemodialysis)


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