Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric Nephrology is a rapidly evolving specialty in developing countries. It deals with kidney and urinary bladder problems in children. Kidney problems have always been important but largely yet to the addressed. The importance of this discipline lies in that various treatable disorders may lead to kidney failure and even death of the child. Paediatric Nephrologist  plays an essential role in the delivery of comprehensive care to the children suffering from kidney diseases

Q. Why to choose a paediatric nephrologist ? Can’t an adult nephrologist treat my child?

Children are not small adults & have unique medical needs. Paediatric nephrologists  are better suited to treating children because the diseases of children are different and their mode of presentation is different from adults. For instance, Growth failure, Unexplained pallor, Bony Deformities,  Bed wetting,  Increased thirst and passage of  excessive/less  amount of urine , Poor urinary stream  or poor urinary control are alarming signs in children. Whereas, in adults kidney problem is mostly because of  Diabetes or high blood pressure.

Q. What type of diseases do paediatric nephrologists treat?

Urinary tract Infection

Acute & Chronic Kidney Failure

Nephrotic Syndrome ( Protein in urine)

Familial  &  Congenital anomalies Kidney and urinary Bladder Diseases

Urinary Bladder Problems

Kidney stones ,

Acid Base Disturbance & Electrolyte Abnormalities

Problems with growth and Development due to Kidney  Disease

Systemic Disorders affecting  Kidneys

High Blood Pressure

Q. What Services are provided at Dept of Paediatric Nephrology, Bahria International Hospital , Orchard , Raiwind , Lahore?

Bahria  International Hospital , Orchard  is an organization where  Dept of Paediatric Nephrology provides  In-Patient & Out-Patient  services, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant,  Kidney Biopsies and Imaging studies of the Kidneys. In addition, it Provides training & teaching of doctors, nurses  and other health care providers.


Q. How can I take an appointment?

Call       042 35451297 -9, UAN 111-296-296

9am to 3 pm ,    Monday to Friday

Q. Are your services available outside appointment timings?

Our office hours are 9am to 3pm,  Monday to Friday

However,   24/7 paediatric emergency operates  at  Bahria International Hospital,  Orchard, Lahore & Paediatric  nephrologists are available on call round the clock.

Dr Farkhanda Hafeez

Former Professor of Paediatric Nephrology

The Children’s Hospital  & The Institute of Child Health, Ferozepur Road , Lahore.

Head of the Dept, Paediatric Nephrology

Bahria  International Hospital , Orchard , Raiwind , Lahore?

Education :   MBBS, DCH, MCPS, FCPS (pak) MCCEE (Canada)

Specialization : Paediatric Nephrology

Category : Consultant