There are many questions that come up if you’re thinking about getting an antibody test after the COVID-19 vaccine. Some clinical antibody tests are qualitative, which means they’ll simply give you a “positive” or “negative” readout for antibodies rather than an actual level. Others are quantitative, which means they provide an actual antibody level or titer.
Most of these tests detect antibodies to one of two types of protein from the coronavirus:
Nucleocapsid (N) protein and Spike (S) protein. If you were to get infected with SARS-CoV-2, your body would make antibodies in response to multiple viral proteins, including nucleocapsid and spike protein. On the other hand, the vaccines only trigger antibodies against spike protein, so an antibody test after you get the vaccine should only detect antibodies to that spike protein, not to the nucleocapsid protein.
Post-vaccination COVID-19 antibody Test available at Bahria Town International hospital, Lahore detects the spike antibodies and is a quantitative test for those individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19