World Sepsis Day- September 13,

Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore

September 13, was World Sepsis Day. Year 2021, marks the 10th annual World Sepsis Day, an initiative established in 2012 by the non-profitable Global Sepsis Alliance. The purpose of this alliance was to raise awareness of Sepsis, which kills at least 11 million people each year Worldwide.

Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore conducted a campaign on knowledge, attitude and practice by the Infection Prevention & Control Department. Participants included were the intensive care units staff. The campaign comprised three parts; provision of knowledge on bed side education session, then attitude of staff was observed on the knowledge gained, and lastly infection control team evaluated the practice of staff in medical, surgical and pediatric ICU. The main focus was on prevention of sepsis by implementation of medical and surgical asepsis measures.

Dr. Syed Zahid Bukhari

Consultant Microbiologist & Infection Prevention and control

Bahria Town International Hospital, Lahore